Some people go for the cheapest flat iron on the shelf, some people spring for the flashiest. What those people don’t know is that they’re missing out if that straightener isn’t an ionic ceramic flat iron. In fact, most people aren’t even aware of the different types of flat irons that are available, and why it even matters. At EnterMars, we provide high quality salon styling products to consumers all over the world. Our product line is growing by the day, as is our incredibly loyal customer base.

Our products are among the best in the industry, we ship with lightening speed, and our customer service is simply second to none. We care enough to ensure that you have every resource at your fingertips, including great content that helps you understand why certain products are better for you than others. This information can be found at our website, which has a ton of resources specifically geared towards those who aren’t quite sure what steps to take, what products to purchase, in order to get the hair that they want.

Why our ionic ceramic flat iron?


Every flat iron contains two flat surfaces that put out extreme heat that you’re probably aware of. What makes our ionic ceramic flat irons different—their surface. Most flat irons come with one of two surfaces: titanium or ceramic. Titanium is a naturally occurring metal; it’s extremely strong, but also incredibly light. Because of its substance, it heats up incredibly quickly and holds intense heat with little protective element.

Ceramic isn’t exactly flawless in and of itself; it’s a material composed mainly of clay, but it’s much gentler on hair and is said to be better than titanium in protecting those locks. Here’s the kicker: our flat irons are ceramic tourmaline ionic flat irons. In short, tourmaline is a crystal that is ground into a fine powder and infused into the ceramic plates of the flat iron. When heated, this substance produces a huge amount of negative ions, enough to counteract the positive ions found in dry and damaged hair.

This means that ceramic tourmaline flat irons are better at avoiding hair damage and neutralizing ions that cause static and frizz. So, you’ve got the better of two products (ceramic) paired with the best mineral for protecting the hair (tourmaline); it’s truly the best scenario for your hair.


In addition to using ceramic tourmaline, all of our ceramic flat irons use HeatBalance technology with 8 micro-sensors to regulate the temperature and evenly distribute heat while the hair straightens. This ensures that you don’t run that extreme heat through your hair more than you absolutely have to, and that when you do the heat is distributed evenly.


We’ve all panicked once or twice about accidentally forgetting to turn our straightener off. This can be a very real, very serious problem if the straightener isn’t equipped with an extra safety measure. High heat devices like flat irons are definitely fire hazards. When left on and unattended, as things heat up, things could get dangerous.

Fires aside, how about the susceptibility of straighteners to get so hot that they melt surfaces they encounter after an extended period of time? It may not have caught on fire, but it could have. Either way? That hairbrush handle left resting on top of that straightener that was left on for the day? It’s pretty much melted and ruined; now you need a new one. Here’s the deal: at EnterMars, we provide high quality flat irons with auto-shut off features.

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