Clothing is both man’s means to hide and to show. It hides the most intimate part of the body but at the same time provides a means to parade our best (clothing and body) to show off.
However, not everyone can be comfortable with the clothes they wear. In many cases, this is due to clothing fabric. Unfortunately, there are cloth materials which not only causes discomfort but may even result to health issues like allergies and skin diseases. It is for this reason why more and more people are going for cotton clothing.

A Super Soft Touch

Cotton is soft; it feels nice on your skin and gives the shirt a luxury feeling. Cotton also stays soft over time. This makes it an excellent fabric for dress shirts, but also for other clothing, like the t-shirts to wear under a dress shirt. The softness of cotton causes it to feel very comfortable, day after day and washing after washing.
The luxury soft characteristics of a 100% cotton shirt make it easy to combine a cotton dress shirt, with almost anything. A high quality shirt can be worn for a business meeting, combined with a suit. Also casual with jeans or a jumper over your 100% cotton shirt. Remember that a 100% cotton shirt keeps you cool on warm days? So you could even use it on a tropical vacation, combined with shorts.

The Astonishing Cooling Effect

Cotton is a breathable fabric, which allows your body to stay dry, while your skin is still able to ´breathe´. This ensures staying cool, even on warmer days in summer or any other situation where you might sweat.
Because cotton is able to absorb moisture, your body will stay dry throughout the day and this will help you to feel comfortable and cool too.
Last but not least, the cotton fibers keep the fabric away from your skin. This creates a thin layer of air that not only helps you stay cool in summer, but also helps to keep you warm during colder days.
These properties also make the shirt to stay ´fresh´ all day. Most synthetic blends feel roughly the same as cotton in the morning but will get sweaty during the day. They might even start to smell a little bit funky. But with a 100% cotton dress shirt you can be quite sure about have a crisp and fresh shirt throughout the entire day.

The Strength Says It All

Cotton is a very strong fiber. And it gets stronger when it is wet. This makes it an ideal fabric for shirts that need washing frequently, for example shirts you wear to work on a daily basis. The strong fibers ensure the shirt to remain in the same fit you bought it.
Cotton is also resistant to heat and keeps well with ironing. Last but not least the strong cotton fiber enables you to use ´strong´ washing detergents, if you wish, to keep your clothes very clean.

The Best Of All —Hypoallergenic Material

It is very rare for cotton to give an allergic reaction and it is not known to irritate the skin. Therefor even people with very sensitive skin can wear 100% cotton shirts on a daily basis. Some people with skin conditions opt for only and exclusively wearing 100% cotton shirts, because it is the only fabric that their skin handles well.

But also if you have ´normal´ skin a 100% cotton shirt feels nice and soft and because it absorbs moist, your skin will stay dry, which is always good idea.
Easy To Care
The biggest disadvantage used to be that cotton is not so easy to wash and wear. It wrinkled and always needed extensive ironing. But technology has developed. By using new weaving techniques and using two threads (2 ply) the fabric gets stronger and easier to handle. This makes the shirt easy care. If you hang them to dry directly after washing, you might be able to skip ironing at all.
Different treatments after the weave cause some 100% cotton shirts to be completely ironed free. Wash, dry and wear.
Whether the 100% cotton shirt is easy care or iron free, the shirt will stay nice and pretty during the day and will have minimal wrinkling. So you can look your best!

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